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Musical Fidelity V90-DAC

   USB, Coax & TOSLINK D/A konverteris.
     THD : 0.0004% (-108 dB), 20 - 20,000 Hz.
     Dažnių diapozonas: +0,-0.1dB, 20Hz iki 20 kHz.
     Signalo / triukšmo santykis:-117dB, 20Hz iki 20 kHz.
     Matmenys(mm): 170 x 47 x 102.
     Svoris (išpakuotas / supakuotas): 600g / 1,1 kg.
     1x RCA coaxial jungtis SPDIF 32-192 kbps (16-24 bitų stereo PCM)
     2x TOSLINK optical 32-96 kbps (16-24 bitų stereo PCM)
     1x USB Type "B" jungtis - 24-bit/96kHz (parenkamas kompiuteryje).
     1x RCA fiksuotas.


HIFI CRITIC Įvertinimas:

Hi-Fi Critic magazine simply loves the V-90 DAC!

In their detailed sonic and technical report Hi-Fi Critic declared the V90-DAC'capable of embarrassing many more expensive products' and that it 'actually usurps many of the current batch of reference products' despite it's entry level price.

Also noted was the V90-DAC's technical performance which the magazine explored during in-depth measurement. They noted ' state of the art linearity with barely any error' and that 'the jitter spectrogram shows a very low level of spurious artefacts'.


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210,00 €
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