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2 x 160 W (4 ohm) output
Advanced Ultra High Current (UHC)-MOS Single Push-Pull Circuit Power Amplifier with new Schottky barrier diodes
DAC Master Clock Design
USB-B input for High Resolution Audio up to 384 kHz / 32 bit and 11.2 MHz DSD
Digital isolator to eliminate high-frequency computer noise on the USB-B
Low noise OLED display for source and sample rate indication
Analog Mode for pure audio reproduction switching off
digital audio circuitry and display
Advanced AL32 Processing Plus
Direct Mechanical Ground Construction to minimize unwanted vibration
Chassis construction with 6 independent blocks to eliminate noises
Leakage-cancelling-mounted twin transformers
Main transformer with separate power supplies for analogue and digital circuits
Wide dynamic range playback, supporting high-resolution audio sources
High-grade volume control for precise adjustment
2 Digital Optical and 2 Digital Coaxial inputs
High performance MM & MC Phono Equalizer Amp
Available in Premium Silver

2499,00 €
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