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Denon DP-450USB

Denon DP-450USB, copying favourite LPs and singles to a computer is made simpler than ever:
it builds on the specification of the DP-400 with the addition of a built-in digital-to-analogue converter,
able to transfer music directly to USB storage connected to the front-panel USB Type A port.
There’s no need to connect the turntable to a computer: simply plug in the storage device,
select compressed MP3 or uncompressed CD quality WAV recording, and play the record.
It couldn’t be any simpler.
Plug and play design with pre-installed moving magnet cartridge
Heavy, damped platter and plinth to suppress resonances
Newly designed S-shaped tonearm with end-of-side auto-lift and stop
331/3 rpm, 45 rpm and 78 rpm speeds with sensor-controlled stability
Integrated phono stage with on/off switch allows connection to any amplifier or system
Exclusive dustcover design can be used to display album artwork
Just 41cm wide, to complement Denon Design Series components and save space
DP-450USB adds analogue-to-digital converter and USB port for direct MP3/WAV recording to USB storage devices

599,00 €
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