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Musical Fidelity M6Si

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Musical Fidelity M6Si.
THD(+ noise): <0.01 %,
S/N: >100dB 'A' - weighted
4x RCA / Phono
1x XLR Balanced
B-tipo USB.4xRCA/In,1xXLR/In. 
4x Line Level RCA / Phono
1x Line Level XLR Balanced
USB input USB type “B” (square) socket
Matmenys: 440(P) x 125(A) x 400(G)
Svoris: 16.6kg
Spalva: Juodas, Sidabrinis
Alan Sircom's review for HiFi+ concludes:
"The M6Si is in it for the long term; it's an amplifier
that will be used by listeners for years and years".

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