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Element USB

High End USB kabelis ATLAS Element.
"Išgirskite daugiau iš savo skaitmeninės įrašų kolekcijos!
Tipas - A/B
0.5m. -50/EUR
1.0m. -55/EUR
1.5m. -65/EUR
2.0m. -72/EUR
3.0m. -85/EUR
5.0m. -130/EUR


"Hi Fi Choice" Recommended for Element USB."

"The Atlas Element provided a powerful and remarkable link 
to the singer because its ability to communicate emotion 
seemed exceptional with this and other albums. 
It often seemed able to penetrate deep into a vocal line 
going past the words that were being sung and unearthing
the feeling and meaning behind the composition. "

50,00 €
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